The Harmonic Oscillator & Critical Care (An event with Vic McEwan & Clive Parkinson)


The Harmonic Oscillator & Critical Care with Vic McEwan & Clive Parkinson

23rd January 2018

10:15 – 12:30


A rare opportunity to hear the Australian contemporary artist Vic McEwan discussing his collaboration with our director of Arts for Health,  Clive Parkinson.

Over the last three years, McEwan has spent time visiting the Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital, Alder Hey, where he has been given unprecedented access to much of the hospital in an exploration of its sonic environment producing a body of work collectively called The Harmonic Oscillator.  Parkinson has quietly observed McEwan throughout this project, writing a reflective account on the nature of artists working in places of trauma, and an unfolding story of some of the more profound moments in arts and health. His work Critical Care, offers a deeper sense of community, and a richer narrative of the place of culture and the arts within a health context.

This work was launched at The Big Anxiety Festival in Sydney this October. Festival Director Professor Jill Bennett describes this collaborative research as ‘one of those field-defining projects…in a class of its own’.

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