The Home Festival, a series of talks exclusively for Arts and Humanities students

THE HOME FESTIVAL | Exclusively for Arts & Humanities students! Engage with Manchester’s rich and diverse culture and history.

The Home Festival is an exciting opportunity for students to engage with Manchester’s rich and diverse culture and history.

We have a fantastic programme for you this year using both internal and external speakers as part of The Home Festival, our extended induction programme for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

The Home Festival is an exciting and revolutionary new project designed to encourage creativity, allowing students to engage with Manchester and explore a topic of their choice.

With four dynamic strands to explore, students can pick what interests them and create a unique piece of work around something they feel passionate about. From ‘Radical Manchester’ to ‘Manchester as a Northern Powerhouse’ to ‘International Manchester’ to ‘Cottonopolis to the Northern Quarter’ there is a huge breadth of topics to choose from and something for everyone.

With a wide range of speakers from artists, performers, lecturers, screenwriters, architects and much more; students will get to hear from some of Manchester’s most prominent voices. This is a unique opportunity allowing students to learn and interact with their city whilst studying. They will get to look at Manchester’s history and culture as well as its future, investigating what makes it the unique city it is today.

The festival will be running on Wednesday afternoons in Geoffrey Manton Atrium from 1pm from Wednesday 3rd October in 4-week blocks. We will be hosting a Creative Commons space between 1-3pm where organisations and student groups will be hosting events and activities for significant events such as Black History Month in October. Students will also be able to get free soup from 2pm onwards. These activities will be followed by talks by guest speakers.

For more information on the speakers and events, please visit Students can book their places by logging into CareerHub and searching for ‘The Home Festival’ which has been clearly labelled.


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