The Launch of the RAH! Podcast, 4th April

Date: Thursday 4th April 2019

Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Location: Geoffrey Manton Atrium

Tickets: FREE – Available on Eventbrite

Join us to celebrate the launch of a new exciting project from RAH! at Manchester Met!

Since the launch of Humanities in Public (HiP) in 2013/14, we have been growing and developing the ways in which we engage the public with our research. Since then we have explored Animal Worlds, Contesting Youth, Multil-lingual Life, Human Trouble, War, Sex, World and Northern Identity just to name a few topics…

In 2017/18, we were renamed Research in Arts and Humanities (RAH!) to reflect the merger of the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science with the Manchester School of Art. We have become bigger than ever! Our festival program now covers the whole of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, with a huge range of research specialisms across a total of 9 departments, covering everything from English, History and Sociology all the way to Architecture, Fashion and Fine Art. We are now larger than many small universities and we are eager to continue to bring in audiences and show them what we do.

We are thrilled to be launching the RAH! Podcast which will allow our research to reach even further. Listeners will now be able to find out about what we do on the train, at home, or even abroad.

On Thursday 4th April 2019, the first three RAH! Podcast episodes will be released at an event celebrating the diversity of the faculty and our networks and relationships across Greater Manchester, aspects we hope to capture within the podcast itself.

The three inaugural episodes will be:

Creative Encounters with the Dead – in which we hear from authors and human geographers to explore the most human of all experiences, dying.

LGBTQ+ Identities and Religion – in which we explore the intersection of LGBTQ+ identities and religion and how religion can provide spaces of belonging for those who have often felt excluded.

Manchester’s Modernist Architecture – in which we explore modernist architecture and the preservation of our buildings, culture and heritage.

We are thrilled to be welcoming the following writers, experts and critics to speak at the launch event:

Emily Oldfield (Writer and Editor of HAUNT Manchester)

Emily Oldfield is a writer from the North of England, inspired by the lonely edges of Lancashire and West Yorkshire wilds of her childhood. Her writing interests include poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction, often focusing on the alternate aspects of place. She is the Editor of HAUNT Manchester, seeking to explore the mysterious side of Greater Manchester.

Simon Buckley (Artist, photographer, and frequent collaborator with HAUNT Manchester)

Natalie Burdett (PhD student in Place Writing at Manchester Met)

Catherine Fox (Author and lecturer in Creative Writing at the Manchester Writing School)

Dr Catherine Wilcox is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing in the Department of English at Manchester Metropolitan University. She was educated at Durham and London Universities and has a degree in English and a doctorate in Theology. Writing as Catherine Fox, she is author of seven novels that explore themes of the spiritual and the physical with insight and humour. Her Lindchester Chronicles are published by Marylebone House/SPCK.”

Plus – the opportunity to participate in a WILDCARD podcast episode!
After the launch date you can listen to our episodes on a monthly basis on Soundcloud:


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