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Personalisation in the Public ServicesIn this episode, we will focus on personalisation in the transformation of public services, with some really interesting research with real lasting impact for individuals within public services.

Featuring: Professor Chris Fox on public sector reform in the criminal justice setting; Caroline Marsh from Management Solutions who speaks to Chris about how his work has impacted upon practice; and Gail Mann who works on personalisation in voluntary, community and social enterprise services.

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Additional Information:
The Policy Evaluation and Research Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University is a multi-disciplinary team of evaluators, economists, sociologists and criminologists based in MMU’s Sociology Department.Find out more here.
See the project page for our work on personalisation in offender rehabilitation here.
See a key findings report on the work so far here.
Upcoming Episodes
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The Manchester Games Studies network

Featuring: Tom Brock on the turn of gambling in digital games and how this has arisen due to the current political economy; Charlotte Gislam, a PhD student researching artificial intelligence, storytelling and video games; and Chloe Germaine-Buckley about her research on horror-themed live action role playing games.
We’ll even get to hear how each of our researchers got into this field and some game recommendations from each.

Place Writing

Featuring: David Cooper and Richard Skelton on the cross creative-critical nature of place writing; Natalie Burdett and Zofija Tupikovskaja-Omovie on their work on eye-tracking in city environments and the resultant poetry work; and Jean Sprackland and Andre Naffis Saheley on their experiences of writing place poetry.


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