Tim Brennan: DEAF, DUMB & BLIND, a tryptich in 4 parts, 30th Apr


Tue, April 30, 2019

2:00 PM – 7:00 PM BST

Manchester Metropolitan University

Cavendish Street


M15 6BR


Tim Brennan: DEAF, DUMB & BLIND, a tryptich in 4 parts

This event is part of the INTERRUPTIONS series at the Holden Gallery


2pm – DEAF tour (booking necessary)

4pm – BLIND tour (booking necessary)

6pm – DUMB lecture (booking not necessary, just turn up)

Location: Holden Gallery

Tickets: Free – Available on Eventbrite for DEAF and BLIND. Please bear in mind tickets are extremely limited so please cancel your ticket if you cannot attend, or emai lucy.simpson@mmu.ac.uk

A one day performance consisting of:

2pm – DEAF – One hour tour of the immediate locale surrounding MMU wearing 100% db protection headphones (Tim will operate as guide without ear protection) – booking required

4pm – BLIND – One hour tour of the Holden Gallery and Manchester School of Art blindfolded (Tim will operate as guide without blindfold) – booking required

6pm – DUMB – a 1 hour silent lecture which Tim will give to an audience in the Holden Gallery – free, no booking necessary

DEAF, DUMB & BLIND – between these elements Tim will be present within the Holden Gallery: blindfolded, gagged and with 100db ear protection on.

Further context on the performance:


The education of art uses conversation, tutorial, seminar, and lecture as the glue of learning. We need to be able to hear especially when we are working through unprecedent challenges within the sector – a time when art has almost been eradicated from the National Curriculum.
Explicit warnings of climate change fall on deaf ears
Governments need to listen to pleas for peace, tolerance.

Many blinded in gas attacks and combat in WW1 arrived off trains at Manchester Piccadilly during the war.
On 5th April 1920 60 blind workers from Ireland and the North West left Manchester and marched to London. They carried a banner which read ‘Justice, Not Charity’. It took 20 days and on arriving at Parliament they asked for state support for the blind. In September 1920 the blind persons act became law.
Our work in the arts is predominantly based upon the visual – visual impairment will provoke thought on the sensual nature of our practices and the environment we live and work in.
About Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan (b.1966) is an independent artist. His concerns lie in the area of art’s politicized relationship to performance, space, place, writing, image making, archives, and artist editions. Brennan has exhibited internationally over the last 30 years, including the 50th and 54th Venice Biennales, Interzone Performance Biennale in Quebec, Canada and The British Museum, London. He has published extensively with over 15 monograph publications and into multiple academic journals.

Tim Brennan is Professor of Art and Head of the Department of Art at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

INTERRUPTIONS, at the Holden Gallery

This performance is part of a series called INTERRUPTIONS, at the Holden Gallery. Interruptions is a number of events, workshops and performances that intersects the Holden Gallery’s annual programme of exhibitions. Its short-term format enables different methods of working, allowing invited artists to experiment in the large scale gallery space, and encourages collaborative practice across disciplines in a series of one-off events.


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