Women and Slavery: Agency and Constraint in the Slaveholding South, 19th Jan, 2019


Date: Saturday 19th January 2019
Time: 9.30am – 5pm
Location: Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University
Tickets: £40 waged or £20 unwaged/students – for more details and to book tickets, please click here.

This one-day conference explores the varied experiences of southern women in the nineteenth century slaveholding south. Key themes include Sex, Violence and Female Agency in the lives of enslaved and white women; and the memory of light-skinned enslaved women who spoke in the WPA narratives as ‘passing’ as white. Another key theme will investigate Gender, Parenthood and Slavery in its varied forms, and it will examine the relationship between enslaved children and their ‘white’ slaveholding mistress, affective ties between free coloured women and enslaved men, and the parenting roles of the formerly enslaved as recalled in the WPA slave narratives. Stolen ‘Property’, Theft and Female Resistance to Slavery will be the final theme that interrogates female ‘resistance’ to slavery by probing the phenomenon of ‘slave stealing’ women, Black women’s creative resistance to slavery and  also ‘Confederate’ women who formed part of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, to protect and preserve the memory and integrity of George Washington.


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