The Writing Project – webinar course


The Writing Project is now running as a webinar course. The webinars run in conjunction with the face to face courses (which have also expanded to include: Stylish writing and Mechanics as two new courses) and run throughout the calendar year.

The webinars run at a variety of times across the week from 5-6pm, or during the day and there is at least one webinar running Monday – Friday. At present, all the courses are underway with the final one starting last Friday.

However, the next round will start up after Easter (when the current round of courses end) and they will also run throughout the summer months. The next round should be advertised over the Easter break.

In the meantime, if you would like to see any of the material you can access it all by logging into Moodle, searching courses for: “The Writing Project (444Z9999_1718_9Z4)” – this will bring up this year’s project.